Nasty Pig launches new colours for fall and now you can turn up your style with matching socks and jockstrap.

Look for mix and match between Orange/Navy and Green and Lime. Model Andrew is showing off a few of the pieces in various poses for you to get a good idea of how the merchandise fits.

Touch the button below to take a closer look at more photos of Andrew.

The jockstrap pouch is almost 100% ribbed cotton with just a touch of Lycra for the perfect amount of comfort, support and shape retention. It’s also perfectly contoured so your bulge always looks it’s best.

With a one and half inch wide waistband and 3/4 inch wide comfort elastic leg straps, this is the classic “core” jockstrap we have all come to know from Nasty Pig.

The socks are almost knee-high, 16″ tube sports socks complete with Nasty Pig’s iconic pig logo at the top backed with traditional sports striping.

The logo high enough to perfectly peek out the top of your combat boots or high tops. Just remember to always display the pig proudly.

Finally, NASTY PIG written across the toes of each sock.

Take a look.

Join us for Jockstrap Friday
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