Be sure to drop by Jockstrap Central and take a look at this NEW camo mesh jockstrap by Alpha Charlie. You probably do not wanna miss out on this sexy piece.


Despite being “camouflage” you are sure to be noticed when you wear this piece; but then who doesn’t love a bit of irony? Am I right?


Also available in White Camo.

Jump on over to Jockstrap Central and check out the entire Alpha Charlie Collection. Enjoy!

Model wearing Alpha Charlie camo jockstraps - TURNIP STYLE Summary Card
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TURNIP HED brings his humour, passion & perspective to TURNIP STYLE drawing on his experiences in life, work & travel. Also, an "Expert Homosexual" (never practising).

Pronouns may be flexible; He/him or They/Them. However, when TURNIP is feeling sassy; She/Her does work too. You can always call him, TURNIP. That's what his friends do. Visit The Pool is Closed for more.

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