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When I have shared my “jockstrap coming out” story, I mention that a swimmer jockstrap was my first every jockstrap. Ever since then I have had an extra soft spot for a sleek, clever and simple jockstrap with the slim waistband.


What is a Swimmer Jockstrap?


Simple answer; it is a jockstrap to be worn under a “bathing” or “swimming” costume.


A many number of years back, when swimming or “public bathing” became a ‘thing’; there was no support in bathing costumes for a gentlemen. With a small adaptation that streamlined the wide waistband jockstrap that the bike courier C. F. Bennett invented in 1874, and we end up with what we have today as the swimmer jockstrap.


With advancements achieved in textiles, such as the invention of the man-made fibres; Spandex, Nylon, Polyester and Elastane we have come leaps and bounds with design in swimming costumes or swim suits, leaving the swimmers jockstrap open to find itself being worn for other sport as well as just as a preference for style.

Model wearing the JC Athletic Swimmer Jockstrap

The JC Athletic Swimmer Jockstrap does have a brother with a 3 inch classic jockstrap waistband as well.


Everything about these 2 pieces is the same for function when it comes to pouch and leg straps. The only difference is the width of the jockstrap waistband and the subsequent rise.


Read about the JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap pouch here. (Opens in new window.)

A Look at Reviews

Black Cherry Bomb Geometric Cock Ring

Being that it is so light weight there were times I forgot I was wearing it until I realized my junk was sitting up in my briefs differently. Up front and centre.

JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap

Review: This jockstrap scored 4.5/5. It is super comfortable, rugged, durable, fast drying. The most comfortable athletic jockstrap I’ve worn in ages.


JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap

Like with all my gear, I find myself going through phases of what I want to wear when it comes to fashion or fetish. I find the wide and thin waistbands make little difference to the function-ability of the jockstrap. I tend to prefer the lower profile in my gear so I would lean to the JC Athletic Swimmers Jockstrap.


Explore and Experiment


Looking for a wide waistband jockstrap that does not feel bulky or like it is crawling up to your ribs? Check out this review on the Omtex Gym Supporter.


How the JC Athletic Swimmer Jockstrap Performs


This is a proper, honest to goodness sports athletic jock. It has lasted longer, held up better and stayed more comfortable than most of the other jockstraps that fit into the β€œsports/athletic” category.


I have worn it; swimming, running, walking, to the bar and even to backyard cookout. I have washed it by hand and in the machine, I have hung it to dry and thrown it in with my towels on HIGH in the tumble dryer (not recommended) and the JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap has held up like a champ.

If you were to take the 2 JC Athletic Jockstraps from my collection, lay them side by side, you would see that the Swimmer Jockstrap is my favourite.


Best $15 I ever spent.

Model wearing the JC Athletic Swimmer Jockstrap
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Models wearing the JC Athletic Swimmer Jockstrap
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