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That does not always mean that there is only one way to do the job, and unfortunately, not enough men know about the various options that are available for jockstraps that are super comfortable and hard working as well.

Some dudes can just drop their junk into a traditional ‘off the shelf generic’ jockstrap, rough elastic, abrasive pouch, and go like spit and not be bothered.


To others, what I just described, invokes visions of cheese graters coming near one’s privates!   So for my friends out there, who are wanting to find a comfortable jockstrap that is going to offer a soft, comfortable pouch, like what one would find in a fashion jockstrap, but with the full functional support of a “traditional” jockstrap; I would like to introduce the, Omtex Gym Supporter.

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A Look at Reviews

Black Cherry Bomb Geometric Cock Ring

Being that it is so light weight there were times I forgot I was wearing it until I realized my junk was sitting up in my briefs differently. Up front and centre.

JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap

Review: This jockstrap scored 4.5/5. It is super comfortable, rugged, durable, fast drying. The most comfortable athletic jockstrap I’ve worn in ages.


Omtex Gym Supporter



  • POUCH: Cotton 95% Spandex 5%. Cotton Pouch with a slight mix of Spandex for the support I mentioned.
  • WAISTBAND: 3 inch elastic waistband
  • LEG STRAPS: 1 inch elastic leg bands
  • SIZING: Small (28-30 waist) to 3X Large (43-47 waist). Keep in mind that these are true to size so if you measure yourself you know exactly what to order. They are snug, but not restrictive, or suffocating. Having said that; I would recommend going up a size if you are in-between sizes.
  • COLOURS: Navy (as pictured above), Black, Grey and White.

Omtex Gym Supporters (and full range of jockstraps offered) are actually made by the same company that makes Wolf Jockstraps, another well built collection of jockstraps designed using the classic traditional design and materials, albeit it with updated technology.


What sets Omtex apart is that they offer a super comfortable double-walled cotton pouch for you to drop your shaft and balls in. Without a doubt the pouch is a lot sturdier and supportive than a regular pouch would be in a pair of briefs, or even a fashion jockstrap.


The full traditional 3 inch waistband is super comfortable and when wearing the jockstrap waistband in the proper place, my shorts were not sliding around all over the place or coming down off my ass while I was all sweaty and going for my run.


Also, while I was wearing the Omtex Gym Supporter as regular everyday wear, I noticed that getting up and down from my chair, with having the wide waist band sitting in the right place, my shorts were not coming down off my ass every time I stood up.

omtex gym supporter available at jockstrap central -

One other amazing point to add is the price. I purchased this for myself and I only paid $10 USD. Sure makes it easy to drop one into your cart and give it a try.


The Omtex Gym Supporter is about the same price as a fancy coffee or a cocktail – but will be your friend for a lot longer.


I am already look at adding the Army Jockstrap and the Aqua Jockstrap to my collection. The entire collection ranges from $10 USD to $14 USD a jockstrap.


I purchased the Omtex Gym Supporter from Jockstrap Central. Also, while you are there, sneak a peek at the “Sale and Clearance” section – the selection will probably be different when you get there, but I saw 3 jockstraps I would drop in my cart…


Snap your strap — subscribe today!   ^turnip

Model wearing a Omtex Gym Supporter
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