TURNIP STYLE does not have the luxury of tapping into revenue streams like Google Ads or other mainstream ad networks.


I have been told explicitly that our; sex & body positivity as well as our LGBTQ+ content, is not appropriate or welcome on these networks.


At one time we were subscribed to and participating in a few affiliate networks. I chose these networks because they had arrangements with some of the labels that our readers are not only familiar with, but are often favourites among queer men. I chose these, thinking that was a smart move. I was wrong.


My account and those relationships were abruptly ended when I was told by representatives of these companies that “your readers are not the kind of clientele we wish to attract”.


So that leaves TURNIP STYLE to rely on donations to supplement the money I myself put into TURNIP STYLE, while living on a fixed income of a disabled person.


Anything you can offer helps, as well as sustainable shopping options at TURNIP TEEZ.


Thank you – Snap Your Strap and stay safe!


xx, ^turnip