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Thanks to Cellblock13 we have this fantastic collection of jockstraps available; based on the classic design of the original jockstrap invented in 1874, and only improved upon with modern technology and a flippin’ amazing colour selection.

I purchased the Cellblock13 Tight End Swimmers Jockstrap in PINK from Jockstrap Central the same time I purchased my JC Athletic Contact Shorts.

I was super excited to get this jockstrap, I mean a neon pink jockstraps could not be more perfect. First thing I noticed is that the jockstrap was very stiff, waistband and pouch. Kind of like how new denim jeans, especially the over-dye indigo jeans are super stiff. Perfect timing as I had a load of other gear ready for the wash, the first step I take when I am breaking in new gear.

I have not been shy in my love for a swimmers jockstrap. I like the streamline look; when I was first getting “into” my underwear and gear groove (without even really realizing it), I wanted to stay away from anything that didn’t look streamline, slim and sexy.

The swimmers jockstrap is exactly that, yet at the same time, maintains being a fully supportive and functional sports jockstrap.

The swimmers jockstrap was originally designed to wear under swimsuits; before we had really figured out water and fabrics and support lining etc. We should remember that swimwear of yesteryear was made of wool.

Today, we wear jockstraps as; sportswear, underwear and fetish wear or even just to lounge around in and having a choice of the swimmers jockstrap or the classic 3 inch waistband jockstrap, in this collection, makes these jockstraps a solid pick.


The first day I went to put the Cellblock13 Tight End Jockstrap on to go for a run; it was raining. So I just wore it around the house while I was working on this and that. To be honest “this” was a lot of laying about, and “that” was a lot of video games. However, a dude in a bright pink jockstrap playing video games is a hot time in my books.

I am glad though that I did have the opportunity to just wear the jockstrap at home because I found that the pouch still did not feel super comfortable like it should. It just was not “giving” against my bulge and I was not enjoying the squish.

Washed again. This time after a soak in the sink. (To be honest I am not a fan of the laundry facilities in my building. That is a story for another day). Once the jockstrap went through a second wash, it was good to go.

I urge you to not worry. This could have just been a one off with me; but what is more likely is, as I have been eluding to for a while, the laundry facilities in my building are shit.

I have only worn this jockstrap on a run twice, so far; and I loved it. After the second wash, I hung the jockstrap on my drying rack to dry. I never throw my jocks into a dryer unless I want to speed up the aging process. When it came time to wear the jockstrap all I did was give the waistband a good stretch, each leg band and then the pouch. Slid my legs through, got the pouch in place and it felt like the perfect cupped hand ready to cradle my junk.

Since there are no fancy gimmicks employed with making this jockstrap, the classic science of the woven cotton pouch, supports your junk to keep you comfortable while you are being sporty and still maintaining a good airflow so you don’t overheat.

You may consider this a fashion or a fetish jockstrap, but I assure you that if you do buy it in the proper size for you, you will get the full support of a classic BIKE or MEYERS jockstrap.

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