I finally got my hands on a pair of JC Athletic Contact Shorts and I am loving them. In fact, I have been wearing them, here at home, pretty much constantly since I got them.

I have always maintained a rigorous regimen when I try gear out. My goal is always to get the most good, hard wear out of a garment, in the shortest amount of time, before I offer my review.

Without question the first thing I noticed with the JC Athletic Contact Shorts was that the construction was SOLID. Better construction than some of the garments I have from the, “ahem” big names, the labels that you see at every gym.

JC ATHLETIC CONTACT SHORTS:  Expectations exceeded.

100% polyester fabric might frighten some off, being that polyester has, especially in athletic wear, has not been the nicest of fabrics to endure. Whether it be from friction or just being too wet against the skin, polyester of the past has not been kind to us.


One way to consider your environmental footprint is to consider looking at clothing that can serve you more than one purpose.

Versatility and flexibility are habits to a clean future.

All of that changes with this polyester fabric. In fact, the inside of these shorts feels like soft fleece.

Zero pilling and the fabric remains soft and feels good on my jock-strapped ‘behind’; whether I am sweaty after a workout or I have been sitting at my desk working on projects for hours on end.

These shorts have gone with me all day from the time I wake up until I lounge in front of the television.

For someone that prefers to be nude at home; I think this statement carries some weight worth noting.

The number one feature that make these shorts so truly versatile, is the zippered pockets. One problem when one is nude at home, and either doing chores, tasks or working; where to you keep your phone?

My phone has become my doorbell, the remote control for my TV, music, lights, climate control and once in a super blue moon, I make a phone call. But also, my phone is often required for 2 Factor Authorization. Dropping my phone in my pockets as a walk from one work station to the other; means I am not dropping my phone on the floor.

Further, I can drop my keys, credit card in the pocket and not worry that they won’t be there when I get back home. When we are back at the gym, be sure your important items stay zipped up in your pocket with you.

Extra detailing includes the back panel for full “butt highlighting” as well as safety feature of reflective logo and text on the shorts. Super versatile and available in sizes small to double extra large, and in colours; black, heather grey, red and blue.

I ordered a second pair half way through writing this; I think you should try a pair for yourself.

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JC Athletic Contact Shorts: A Year Later

There are few items of clothing, that I have had in my lifetime, that have gotten as much wear, as have my JC Athletic Shorts.

I do not start a review, until I’ve really given a garment a good amount of “wear and tear”, to simulate natural degradation over time. These shorts have impressed me so much, moreover given I am wearing them all the time. And, you can barely tell by looking at them.

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