On Wednesday We Wear Pink


I will take this opportunity to refresh the internet’s memory that until the end of the month I am running a special fundraising campaign with 2 of my projects at TURNIP TEEZ; The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin and PINK.


Use Discount Code STIFFBREW at check out and all your Wood Morning Coffee Cabin merchandise will be 10% off – PLUS a portion of the revenue will be allocated to our PINK Outreach.


Our PINK Outreach supports two projects; The 519 Community Centre here in Toronto and my good friend Liam, who is known at Park Ranger Gingerbum on Mount Moist Plinth Mountain Range. The home of The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin.


What is PINK Outreach


The 519 Community Centre is integral to the LGBTQ2IA+ population, not just in Toronto, but Ontario as well. The donations to The 519 are donated in the name of Paul Kivisto; our close friend, an avid user and supporter of the Community Centre, and lost his battle with mental health.


Park Ranger Gingerbum is the recipient of the other portion of the proceeds. This money gets added to the funds used to purchase items like; socks, underwear, toiletries, sleeping bags and medical supplies. He organizes these outing with other medical and social/community professionals in the San Francisco Bay area.


To learn more about our PINK project and why it is important to myself; check out PINK at TURNIP TEEZ.


Thank you heaps and bunches; make today a great day for yourself, xx – ^tH

Model wearing The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin Ranger Tee in PINK
It's Wednesday. Let's Wear PINK.
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