When you are walking down the street and you are looking for something that you might have dropped; like in winter that could be a mitten, glove, scarf or like any day, just your dignity, kidding, but you get my point right?

While you are tracing your steps, you are looking down on the side-walk. Am I right?

Well therein lies the argument people make the second you take some poor person’s soggy mitten out of the puddle on the side-walk and hang it over the fence or put it on top of the mail box or some where that it might have some hope of being in a better place than a puddle.

But not like down the street or anything; like just right there. Just not in “harm’s way”.

“They are going to be looking down! Not up there for their mitten!”

So no good deed goes unpunished,  I guess. Well, maybe until today? At the very least I found it comedic gold.

Button for Audible Signal Only box on pole, with a pair of reading glasses tucked in the side

What is going on here?

  1. Has someone dropped their reading glasses and another person has found them and put them here; thinking that at the very least the glasses won’t be stepped on?
  2. Is someone REALLY trying to make the point that the button is for the audible signal only and pushing the button repeatedly and complaining will not cause the light to change for crossing.

Anyway, if anyone is missing their reading glasses and these look familiar. This is the NW corner of Queen and Church.

For those of you that are still reading, everything went fine with the check up. Everything that needed to be addressed has been and the rest can wait for a time when there are less risks.

Captions welcome in the comments. Have a great evening.

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