Inspired by PINK SHIRT DAY – a gesture of kindness, students organized and all wore PINK SHIRTS to school in solidarity with one of their classmates who was bullied for wearing the colour pink.

PINK the Collection strives to take this gesture even further,  hoping to expand the visibility of other causes that often go unseen as well as to act as a reminder to spread kindness. Kindness is one size fits all.

PINK - the collection TURNIP TEEZ


It looks rather simple really. When you look at it like that, just hanging on a hangar. Yet, hopefully over time more and more will see that there is a lot of punch in this PINK.

It all started with the colour pink. Obviously with the connection between the Queer community and the colour. Plus, I too was the kid that got beat up for wearing pink in grade school.

Fast forward to my “adult years” when all my corporate friends are dressing for “this day” and “that day” and “jeans day for this” and “green shirt for that”, I always seemed to never have the right shirt for the specific event. I wanted to “play along” even though I was not part of the corporate world. I wanted to get in on the action of coming together with a random bunch of people that all care about making a difference.

In fact, as I think about it, I can only recall once when I had a specific shirt for an event; it was a “red shirt” for Gay Days at Disney. The shirt was titled “Red is the new BLACK“.

Which was extremely clever, if I do say so. I mean we can’t deny that a certain little Netflix series with a similar moniker appeared a few years later. I digress.

I had goals I wanted to achieve with this endeavour.

  1. Sustainability – we are producing 60% more textiles today than we were 15 years ago, I wanted a garment that was going to be able to a regular piece in someone’s wardrobe, not just the fundraiser t-shirt that they pull out once a year.
  2. Recognizable – I knew that the shirt either had to speak for itself or hopefully be intriguing enough that someone would ask you the story behind the shirt.
  3. Versatility – I wanted a shirt that I could be part of my every day wear but also just as good for any event that needed a ‘pink’ shirt.

Bare with me for this random part. Here is where we get my brand of “crazy” with the “design idea” part.

Growing up, in my family meant there were obligations. Either appearances as “the family” in tow at events or we were off to volunteer somewhere; and every where we went we always had a name tag slapped on us.

I didn’t really realize, as a kid, just how much that was like putting on your “work name badge”, but, nonetheless I know it was “show time” and we were here to represent for whatever the reason was.

That is exactly what is going on here – PINK is here to represent.

Represent; a determination to stand against bullying, hate and discrimination, a promise to stand for everyone that was forced to wear a PINK TRIANGLE, a promise to remember to be kind in everything we do, a solidarity with everyone affected by breast cancer and more.


So there you go. That’s what’s going on here. The entire collection of PINK is here to represent.

At the heart of it; no matter which colour you wear in the PINK collection, which cause you are standing to represent for – we all need a little kindness. PINK is that reminder.

Learn more about how PINK changes lives through the money raised from sales here.

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