It is now past the “May Long Weekend” – the weekend that breaks in SUMMER for “us” North Americans. More so for those of us that experience 4 distinct seasons. (Strangely enough you will find EVERYONE lives in the area that has the OPPOSITE weather to what they prefer. Go figure.)

Now, we have had some recent weekends of decent weather and some with, less than stellar weather and those were your weekends to install your Air Conditioning Units (ACU). If you have not done so by now, myself included, it is too late. THE POOL IS CLOSED.

We all know that the second any one of us thinks of putting that ACU in, just quick, and we will end up with 5cm of snow on the ground and all of your pretty flower beds are gonna be shit.

So, we either have to skip it this year and suffer in the heat, with a fan and an iced beverage; or, all pick a day, make one big effort to get all the dormant ACU in place and then all brace, duck and cover for a freak snow storm.


While you are here…take a look at this.

Modus Vivendi has been releasing their collection for 2021 and get ready to be sun kissed and have wrinkly fingers and toes because the SWIM GEAR is beyond gorgeous.

Come on over and take a look at the Rubber Ombre Line … here.


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