I received the cutest email from my “Gal Pals” Betty & Ethel, they heard about my “castrating” computer experience. (I think they were trying to be cute and funny; I am still not sure if I am laughing or not. Yet.)

Anyhoo – I am telling you that because, in this email, Betty & Ethel were telling me that they had an idea on how they could help me with my computer calamity. A while back, Ethel, in her classic “almost-but-not-quite” brilliance, jumped on the “just four fans” bandwagon. Yup. 4. Fans. Literally. As you can see for yourself, in the photos right here.

Well, we love Ethel. We love humour and we think, if you can not mix some humour with some sexuality, then we are in a sadder state of affairs than we thought.

So here is what Betty & Ethel did. They brought their classic “Just 4 Fans” t-shirt back out of the archives, but they added a little something extra with the curved hem. Which when you wear with shorts or jeans when out with friends at a back yard bbq – will look ever so cute!

However, what Betty & Ethel also had in mind, especially for the boys that like to wear the speedos and little trunks whilst at the pool parties, or the campgrounds and resorts. Just in case ‘the management’ requires you to put a t-shirt on to be served at the bar or to hit the buffet line; then here is the perfect little t-shirt to wear that will just catch and hug on your curves right where one might want to draw an admirers attention.

Well, that is what Betty & Ethel said.

Really though, it’s up for you to decide what your intentions are.

If you want to take a closer look, and read the email from Betty & Ethel, click the button below!


turnip xx

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