Without disappointment, Modus Vivendi, again, has produced a collection that is unique and fresh while maintaining the precision styling, sexiness and construction we have come to rely on.

Modus Vivendi understands quality and reliability; which makes it the recognizable brand in swim wear that it is.

Form meets function meets fashion.

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Sun kissed black sandy beaches are the inspiration for this collection; which cleverly plays with the eyes, only adding to the allure of this swim gear.

Greys and blacks shimmer in the sun. The ombre effect in full force.

While, half the collection is highlighted with stark strips of yellow piping.

Something for the bold and the bewitching.

The range comprises of; Briefs and Low Cut Briefs, Swim Shorts, Tanga Briefs and a really luxurious towel.

The Modus Vivendi Rubber Ombre collection has been made available in charcoal black, with black or yellow detailing and features a rubber print.

Just enough coverage for what needs to be accomplished while 100% of all the support you need. Pieces priced started at €26.50.

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