happy halloween

Looking for something that is SAFE to do this Halloween? Something that will help ya get your freak on but follows safety and physical distancing requirements?


Head over to Mix Cloud and create yourself an account, install the appropriate apps on your devices and then get ready to party this Halloween.

Sexy names like; Maus, Mark Falco, Ashley Gauthier, DJ BUGO, Aeryn Pfaff, Kevin Aviance, Sofonda Cox, Kiki Coe, Markida Brown, Charli Deville and Jasmine Dymond are lining up to entertain you from 8PM starting 31 October 2020, going all the way until 8AM the next morning!


That is 12 hours of non-stop live entertainment – right at your streaming fingertips! Learn more about Mix Cloud here.



This event is NOT intended for the purpose of having a few friends over to your place for a “little get-together.” By all means connect with your friends via social and chat apps during this party; but if they don’t have a toothbrush in your bathroom and they are not drinking out of a carton of something in your fridge – then they better not be there.


ALWAYS remember to wear a mask when you leave your home. ONLY leave your home for essentials. Then we will see case numbers and deaths reduce. Need help understanding the science and physics and FACTS. Click here.


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