Earlier today Squirt.org told their members that new changes are coming to meet the approach of MSM (men who have sex with men) towards safer sex.

Men are having different discussions in 2019. We started having different conversations a while ago. I remember first learning about Squirt.org when I was a “wee-gay” and one thing that for sure has not changed has been the Safer Sex practice descriptions.

Don’t forget the hot hook-ups…those are still happening..

Totally not the person writing this article 😉

Up until this change, to the best of my knowledge, the options available to you were;

  • Rather Not Say
  • Always
  • Never
  • Usually

Which, from my experiences, NEVER 100% truly explained what an individuals practices were and I bet so many men didn’t hook up because of wrong perceptions.

What’s New?

Now the options and their intended meaning are;

  • Condoms – You are using condoms
  • PrEP – You are using PrEP
  • PrEP and Condoms – You are using PrEP and condoms
  • TasP – Treatment as Prevention, HIV+ under treatment and Undetectable
  • TasP and Condoms – You are using Treatment as Prevention, HIV+ under treatment and Undetectable and condoms
  • Let’s Talk – You prefer to talk to your partner
  • Rather Not Say

Where Does This Lead?

This raises so many questions in my mind about where this leads us.

Will this open more doors of communication? Will MSM start having discussions with each other or find ways to better educate themselves?

Is this a step in the right direction in finding partners that align with your “groove” or is it a way to perpetuate stigma?


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