A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a quick little tweet in response to some of the flutter that was circling Lindsay Graham.

When “people” engage in this malicious behaviour; make it their “crusade” to make it THEIR business, what we as private citizens do in our own private lives. And it is not even limited to that. They want to make everything WE do their business so they can weaponize it against us.

We have seen time and time again; men, and women, in positions of power, doing everything they can to hold on to their ability to suppress the rights and freedoms of others. Then, behind closed doors, in dark corners or at private parties; they are indulging and partaking in the very behaviours they admonish, torture and kill others for.

But when they get the urge for a little “private” time.

  • they have the cash to pay for sex workers
  • they have the best drugs
  • they have the sex parties
  • they have access to abortions
  • they keep their jobs
  • they keep their retirement funds
  • they keep their homes

Then they tell us that even though the professional position they hold is public office their privacy is more important than ours.


There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.

Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau

If Graham was just sneaking around and letting his “lady bugs” out to fly and keeping his nose on his own face then it is none of my never mind which consenting individuals he is getting his freak on with. Then sure I agree with you; it would be inappropriate to “out” him.

Urinals in the Mens Room - Tea Room Culture

Yet, it is quite the opposite. Politicians and Preachers, seem to the be the biggest offenders and the ones who take the widest stance about what other people are doing in their bedrooms, bathhouses, washroom stalls, change rooms, fitting rooms, doctor’s offices.

Need I go on?

If this destructive and malicious behaviour does not affect you; either because you do not live in the USA or what ever the reason is, recognize your privilege and either join the fight against this practice or kindly be quiet.

This practice in the abuse of power is not limited to just sex or just the United States; yet it seems most rampantly publicized. Be vigilant because it could sneak up on you pretty quick. Look at the horrors that have occurred since Craigslist sex listing have disappeared.

Either way, I am tired of it and they have to be stopped.

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