Taking inspiration from the iconic movie, many have come to love, Tiffany’s Velvet line gives life to the interpretation Modus Vivendi brings us of a glamorous mega-city life and the journey a young man takes toward manhood.


Let your gear be one of your playmates energizing your confidence and your sexuality.


The Tiffany’s Velvet collection offers; jockstraps, briefs, shorts, shirts, robes & lounge pants.

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breaking the chains of stigma

Stigma? Projecting Much?

I’d encourage everyone to stop supporting the stigma that people choose to become disabled or that we are lazy or its a punishment for poor decisions. When we justify how we became disabled, we support that stigma. Congenital, accidents or just because that’s the way the universe does its thing are all the same. They all deliver us to the same future of struggle.

Man taking a shower and washing his hair with his eyes closed and image of the Fractal Comfort cockring is imposed over the image of the man.

Oxballs Fractal Comfort Cockring – JSC December

Ideal to wear under your favourite bikini swimmer, poolside. Perfect companion to pouch ya up in your briefs, under your trousers. Flexible.

Fort Troff Fuck Me sock collection as worn by a sexy model

Fort Troff Fuck Me Socks – JSC December

Gone are the days of stinky socks after an intense workout at the gym or a hard-core down-to-it rut and fuck session.

modus vivendi tiffany velvet
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