IF YOU WERE EXPECTING CAMO TO MEAN “BORING” THAN KEEP SCROLLING. This collection is packed full of subtle sexiness that builds up on its own self to just create a strong look that draws you right in.

When I look at these stripes I feel drawn back to images of the 20s and 30s. Long sleek lines with smart curves. Everything was bold but nothing was harsh or abrasive. Reflective where appropriate and refreshed where needed.

Which brings us to the Camo. Regardless of the pattern, blues and drab olive camo bring these clever nostalgic fabrics to life. But these Camo pieces remind me of the undies I was so jealous of that the other boys had while I was wearing boring old white. (Don’t @ me — I know!) :wink

Take a look at the gallery and let your imagination take you on your own adventure.

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