BRUTO by ESTEVEZ launched in Canada, exclusively at JOCKSTRAP CENTRAL last year. With a very positive and rapid response to the collections and message that came with both.

Talk about EMPOWERMENT and body positivity.

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Now, summer is desperately trying to knock on the door. We know that the warmer weather is just around the corner and now is a great time to grab yourself a sexy jockstrap.

Not just to lift your spirits and mental state, but support your junk and shaft too!

Check out the sexy SPORT jockstrap constructed with mesh to keep you and your junk cool and breezy while kept in place like it should be.

The Bruto Sport Mesh Jockstrap is all about the tease.

The contoured pouch is made from a deliciously soft sports mesh which is partially see-through.

The basic rule of thumb is light colored skin shows more with a black pouch and dark colored skin shows more through a white pouch, so choose the color based on your confidence!

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