Jockstraps are not just for the pitch, field, court, course or gym. They are also not just for the bedroom or club…a jockstrap can equally be part of your everyday underwear selection just like anything else.

However, experience tells us that there is always the right tool for the right job.

Break down traditional barriers, find yourself a fun jockstrap to wear as everyday gear. Enjoy the feeling of your butt cheeks being caressed by the lining of your trousers or just the inside of your denim.

This, CX21N Jockstrap by Cocksox, is an excellent example of perfect hybrid. Fun and energetic patterns yet solid strong and uncompromising comfort. Cocksox knows fabric, if you have not worn their Supplex® yet, then you are really missing out!

The Cocksox Florida Keys CX21N Jockstrap is made from the highest quality Supplex® fabric with an extra wide waistband featuring the world’s most infamous brand!

It’s gotta be one of the sexiest bits of gear Cocksox has ever released!

Constructed with the Cocksox Original Pouch, you will feel at home the moment you pull these on.

Whether this is your first Cocksox piece or your 15th.

Take your Jockstrap Fridays to a new level with this clever fashion and supportive jockstrap.

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