Would You Like to Play a Nice Game of Pick the Gear?

So just for shits and giggles I thought I would throw out this scenario and see what would happen…

You have to pack for 30 days but you are only allowed one style of underwear; not one pair, you can have as many pair that you want, but they have to be all the same style/cut.

Do you know what you would pick? Help satisfy our curiosity and vote below by clicking on the t-shirt that matches your choice.

I am sure that once we are all properly vaccinated and visiting our local gay establishments to enjoy beverages and live-entertainment, this shirt could come in handy with starting some conversations.

Either way – just have fun with it!




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Team Boxers
Team Briefs
Team Jocks
Well it Depends Really
  • Team Boxers – anything that has a leg, pouch and full seat on it; trunks, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, shorts, long johns, leggings.
  • Team Briefs – anything that from high-waist y-fronts to a French bikini. Pouch and full seat.
  • Team Jocks – anything that has a pouch and bares your bottom; jockstrap, jock brief, bottomless brief, g-string, thong, t-bar.
  • Team Depends – I will let YOU decide if “depends” is a verb or a noun! wink wink grin
Join us for Jockstrap Friday

Thanks again!!

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