It occurred to me last night that if I get rid of all my pants – since it seems I won’t be leaving this small studio apartment I call home, any time soon, plus there is no ‘where’ to go to which would require me to wear said pants – I would probably have enough room to be able to convert this closet of a studio into a junior 1 bedroom!


Thank you – I am here all weekend!


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    • Joel -

    • 7 November 2020 at 10:33 am

    The magic of three. Not talking about The Three Amigos, The Three Musketeers, Trilogy, Columbus ships, Who’s on Third, (LOL) the number 3 is a prime number. No, talking about listening Venn’s three songs I found. Hey, my gain! Ha!

    PS – if anyone was half way smart, get yourself to a place to listen to Venn’s music. I promise, you’d be happy.


    1. And if you think I would only have 3 pair of undies… 🤣🤣 you must be sniffing some pretty fancy glue … 😋

  1. 100% agree — there is something really special about the voice of @vennsmyth …

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