Something happened this week that caught me by surprise and I have kind of filed it away, yet it keeps “bubbling up” and I find myself more amused by it.

So here is what happened. (Wait for it….) *wink wink

I, have travelled a fair bit in my time (fuck this makes me sound old) and I have heard many accents but the one thing I have never heard was a Canadian say “aboot”.

Well unless it was “on purpose” to make a point.

I have listened for “it” at times but I never seem to catch it…until this past week.

WOOF CERISE - Betty and Ethel

I was gaming with some mates of mine and they were conversing among themselves; I was half paying attention to the conversation while tending to my “gaming responsibilities”.

It wasn’t until I heard “aboot” for the second time that I realised I had heard it a few moments before but it hadn’t really registered.  Maybe I hadn’t really been paying close enough attention to be sure it wasn’t ironic?

But then I heard “aboot” for a third time and it for SURE wasn’t ironic.

I’m amused because, at the time, I was a passenger along for the ride that we can call my, sudden OCD and photographic memory. It was like a part of my brain just went on a tangent trying to replay snippets of conversation to figure out this mystery.

It was like the first time I heard “aboot”, in this background conversation, my brain was like that’s odd and carried on. Until, the second time. Wait a minute. And then the 3rd time omg they are really saying it like that…are they really saying it like that…did they just say that?

(honestly I had another chuckle at this point because I had another tangent where if I was driving a car, this is the point where I would turn down the radio so I could see the house numbers better)

Then the 4th time and it was like “omg …. yup they said aboot and they were saying about”

Anyway, back to the accent thing. I always felt like I was missing out, not being able to grasp what foreigners were always making fun of.

Now, I am glad to have heard it…will help me practise to make sure I don’t lose it and it is heard loud and clear.

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