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OMTEX Jockstraps bring a strong, well built, quality sports jockstrap with a unique pouch that is not constructed with a woven mesh pouch. Rather, OMTEX gives you a soft plush fabric pouch.

Available at Jockstrap Central; which is home to a solid and smart selection of jockstraps, ranging from traditional sports jockstraps, to fashion and full on fetish jockstraps.

Aside from Trent being one of the hottest models I have ever seen in a jockstrap, OMTEX is an affordable option for someone looking at exploring what else jockstraps have to offer.

Join us for Jockstrap Friday


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Joel 24 September 2020 at 06:46:44

Noted jocks look comfy and not pricey … I will pick up a couple to add to my other collection. Thanks for sharing the article.

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