We know well that there a some gentlemen that prefer some full seat coverage when it comes their gear.

Usually, I have found, in having conversations with them, this preference usually has more to do with function and comfort versus any fashion preference.

Some may remember my co-host on the podcast (yup still in hiatus) liked a brief with a FULL seat and I would tease him about it. However, this extra time we have had at home lately; I have been spending more time at my desk, and my rear end likes a little more coverage on this cheap shit chair I am sitting on!

What about you? What have you go to say about your coverage?

Answer a few questions in our survey for gentlemen that prefer FULL BOOTY coverage, won’t you?


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Ringedrod 1 July 2020 at 18:45:41

I prefer open ass briefs exposing my ass and see thru pouch allowing my cock to lie in a variety of positions. Colour of choices is pink to celebrate my PRIDE. As I tour the bathhouse halls the butt plug announces my preferences.

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