I don’t know about you but I am seriously wondering where these crazy laundromats are with dudes hanging around in their underwear. It sure isn’t the one down the street from TURNIP STUDIOS.

Modus Vivendi believes that every guy should be classy at all times or at least have the means to be classy at his disposal with some solid classic garments in his drawers and hanging on a bathroom door or in the closet.

Introducing the solid basics for all types of guys out there. Available in the “gentleman’s” classic colours of; black, grey and white. Never to go out of style but always classic


Classic construction of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, machine washable, but please hang to dry to improve the longevity of the garment. Tumble dry low if you want to throw in the dryer. Classic lines create the perfect pair of underwear for the guy that likes to have a bare butt!

Tanga Briefs

This cut gets me all the time. So sexy and hot. It was the first style that I saw on a man that wasn’t a pair of ugly Grandpa Y-Fronts, and it made me tingle. Feeling that extra bit of exposed skin under my jeans. BOING.

Same care instructions as the jockstraps.


Yup, I will be redundant and let you know that this classic cut brief is the new classic cut brief. Room in the pouch for your business with good rear end coverage while not crawling up past your hips towards your navel!

Yup same care instructions as jockstraps.

Boxer Briefs

MV is calling this the CLASSIC BOXER. Cool, but we think it looks more like a trunk cut. None the less these are the classic mix of a classic form fitted brief and the coverage of a boxer short. Care instructions…same!

Loose Boxers

These are great for wearing around the house when you need to cover up but you want to be loose and comfortable. While I can’t really get behind a dude wanting to wear these under his jeans…I sure am not going to complain when he slips off his jeans to get comfy on my couch in these…


Yes. I have worn a singlet as underwear. Early 90s when Calvin Klein launched their singlet, cotton and stretchy material, I was wearing mine all the time. How did I go take a leak while at the bar you ask? Oh…easy…not without help! (wink)


Keeping it simple for this garment. 3/4 length sleeve, functional pockets, removable belt is the classic garment when you are feeling super sexy and want to lounge around with a nice cocktail or your favourite strain. Perhaps a cigar…who knows! Don’t put this in the dryer unless to fluff it up…it will keep the fabric softer longer.


The robe offers you the BEST thing about getting into a proper “grown up” robe. It has a HOOD! That is luxury and you are WORTH it. Longer sleeves than the Kimono and slightly longer down the thigh as well. Functional pockets, removable belt and relaxed fit. No Dryer please!

Lounge Pant

Every dude needs a pair of lounge pants. I wear these in the winter when it is cold out and there just isn’t any way to avoid that nasty draft. I sometimes even wear them in summer. Slip them on after a swim in the pool and then grilling up some meat!

Take a look at the Classic Line at Modus Vivendi today and remember to use our special code TURNIPSTYLE15 for your exclusive 15% off discount.


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