We all have it. It is the LARGEST organ we have as humans and it deserves to be taken care of  just like the rest of our bodies. Maybe even more so; since SKIN has such a big part to play in our lives.

Quickly, I am going to just give you the basics, then over time we will expand on that but this information I would go so far to say are the “pillars” of good skin care.

1. Drink water and drink lots of it.

2. Don’t be afraid to sweat.

3. Cleanse.

4. Polish.

5. Shave.

6. Protect.

Science has come a long way in skin care; giving us amazing tools to help keep our skin looking healthy plus keep it strong so our skin can protect us. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have good skin.

In all the years that I have worked in Skin Care, in one way-shape-form-or-another, and continue to take care of my skin, the principles have always remained the same and my skin has been doing a great job.

Water. Sweat. Cleanse. Polish. Shave. Protect.

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