If you have been super conscious about washing your hands in recent weeks; then you may be feeling the pains and strains of all that soap and hand sanitizer. Especially, if you have not been keeping up with moisture replenishment.

Keeping your skin moisturized is important, not only now but in every day health. Dry and cracked skin is more susceptible to further irritation and possible infections.

It is important to note that moisturizing your hands does not in any way make it easier for you to acquire bacteria or germs. Especially, if your hands are clean when you apply the moisturizer.

It may also be a relief to note that you don’t have to be constantly be adding lotion to your hands. Start with giving yourself a really good application at bed time or in the evening when you are watching TV. Giving your hands a full night to soak up the moisture and nutrients.


You do not need to get super fancy lotion either. Especially to start out with. I am a huge fan of Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Hand and Body Lotion Extra Strength as it has never let me down.

A trick that I learned from an old friend of mine, if you have really dry cuticles; Sweet Almond Oil (put a drop on the nail bed and gently massage it in). Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with Cocoa Butter is really amazing at the same time.

Keep those hands happy!

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