Playlist/Album Title: TURNIP THE SMOOTH
Curated by: TURNIPHED

A smooth mix to accompany a quiet evening in front of the fireplace with your favourite libation or turn up the volume and get your groove on.

This is the collection you want to play for a quiet night in, where you do not want to fall asleep on the couch, but put a little energy into your evening while you relax.

A great play list to listen to while you are prepping a meal in the kitchen, or ironing your laundry all the way to curling up on the couch with a book or working on a puzzle.


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Creator & Editor in Chief, TURNIP STYLE

His Lordship the Reverend Doctor TURNIP HED brings his humour, passion & perspective to TURNIP STYLE from his experiences in life, work & travel, as well as an "Expert Homosexual" (never practising).

Pronouns may be flexible; He/him or They/Them. However, when His Lordship is feeling sassy; She/Her does work too. You can always call him; My lord, or TURNIP. That's what his friends do. Visit The Pool is Closed for more.

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