SAME - Radio Edit

Performed by: Mark Tarmonea, Yannek Maunz, Felix Raphael

I am loving this song for just about any time of day. I have it in my “wake up” playlist and I have it on my evening “doing stuff around the house” playlist. My favourite is listening to this in the evening with a lovely glass of port and a good book.


The song has a very organic rhythm with a feeling of optimism. I can’t help myself and I start to settle into the subtle groove that just lifts my spirits, that little bit that I didn’t think I needed.


I am really digging a “mood” of juxtaposition lately with haunting or soulful lyrics mixed with a bass beat that makes your head bob a little, perhaps a little hip action while you’re preparing dinner…


Take a listen —

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    • Joel -

    • 19 November 2020 at 22:33 pm

    I can not say that I like “Same” by Mark because though the constant beat does provide a steady tempo – it is not a tempo for me during my workouts. Perhaps another song by the singer but not this one. Sorry.

    1. Joel… this is not a song for a workout, so of course it’s not going to line up… in fact this is the entire opposite mood altogether…

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