That is one of the reasons why I really love living where I do. Mind you, off the mark here that also comes with a disclaimer, my apartment gets very warm, but I love it!

But what happens all day is that the sun is blocked by other buildings, so I enjoy this beautiful bright day without the heat. Then 4pm’sih hits and the sun moves into its final approach vector to head down behind the horizon.

This time of day the sun is bright, warm, perfect for a good 20 minute dose of vitamin D and a nap in the chaise. The buildings block the sun so street level is relatively cool as the breeze can start to move up from the beach, and is drawn to the ravine behind my building. This gives “La balcone chez Turnip” the perfect beach weather, minus the beach and the water and the boys in speedos.

I can imagine…right?

Nonetheless, it is all perfect, I love it and my plants love it. Then about 7:30pm the golden colours of evening hits. The sound of the city changes. The temperature changes. The heat comes off the buildings now. Not from the suns rays.

That’s when the urge hits for me; to spin up my HOE KIT E-Class Play List, pour myself a wee glass of port and make some nibbles for the evening. Then spend the evening with all the windows open, the doors to the balcony open, music playing, fans blowing and just unwind.

Perfect for 1 or 2 people.

Later, when I get hungry. Like proper hungry. I have the fixings to make some won-ton soup. Some think I am crazy for having soup on a hot evening, but the broth and dumplings fill my stomach and I don’t feel like I am going to explode!

How do you like to unwind?

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