Last week I noticed someone posted the following on Facebook. I took it as another snide self important gay dude thinking he was a “know-it-all” bully that had to make fun of someone.

Posts like this are really beginning to push me over the edge. I’m losing my patience with the voracity in which people are so eager to be the one to make a smart or witty comment they end up looking like a complete twat themselves.

LINK: Thailand Sees Apparent Success Treating Coronavirus with Drug Cocktail

A few months ago, I had shingles. Exposure, I am sure, to more people that have not been vaccinated properly.

What is interesting, is that I responded immediately to the medication I was given.

The boost in immune response was attributed the high levels of anti viral and other medications in my system.

Now, before you say, “ya but..”

Yes, dudes have been foregoing condom usage, as they feel “protected”. Another conversation for another day.

In this case, let’s not all jump to conclusions, in order to be sure we don’t look an ass ourselves.

Maybe? Just maybe…there is some truth to the “overheard quip”.

I think though, that if this direction of research and treatment does show promise or even the resolution to this viral outbreak, we really need to sit down and watch what happens.

Will it sink in. That once again a faggot saves the day.

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