Often I ask my “[non brand] home assistant” (repeatedly) for a news update; while I have a quick mundane task to do like filling the [non brand specific] water filter/pitcher and putting it back in the fridge.


I could not help notice the emphasis, the topic of Kim Kardashian’s having to pay a fine for not disclosing a sponsorship, was getting. The major [not named international ] media outlet that delivers my news updates seemed to stress the amount of, 1.26 million ($1 260 ooo USD) dollars that Ms. Kardashian was ordered to pay.


Never once did the media outlet mention the amount of the sponsorship, nor remind listeners that the net worth of Ms. Kardashian; which [non branded] home assistant reminded me is, $1, 800, 000, 000 USD.


(Some would call that 1.8 Billion dollars, others would call it; one thousand eight hundred million dollars.)


I did some quick, simple math with ratios, tying to make the numbers make sense into something with figures, I felt were better at representing a net worth many of use could more easily wrap our head around.


Dollar Amount (USD) Percentage of Net Worth
Net Worth $1,800,000,000.00
Sponsorship $250,000.00 0.01389%
Fine $1,260,000.00 0.07000%
Compared to:
Net Worth $100,000.00
Sponsorship $13.89 0.01389%
Fine $70.00 0.07000%


All Things Created Equal


Clearly things are not equal. When we boil down the number to just percentages and then apply those numbers to a more realistic net worth. A figure that perhaps the working folk can appreciate and is easy to do math with; $100 000 USD.


No matter what way I have looked the situation, I keep resolving that this fine is as significant to Ms Kardashian, as perhaps a parking ticket for a young professional with, a  degree, and a junior management position, could be.


Which, saving for another day, brings to light that there are parking spots that make more money than folks are able to, trying to manage 4 part time jobs. Let’s pretend a $70 parking ticket, while at an interview for a possible full-time job, and you have $0 balance in your bank and only 2 packages of store-brand mac ‘n cheese dinners to last you a week.

Running under the premise that $100 000 is the lowest we could go for this discussion and I applied this scenario;

  • TURNIP TEEZ approaches me and says, “we will give you $15 to post a link to our T’WAT t-shirt on turnipteez.com.
  • I agree; hey that’s a free burrito for 3 minutes work.
  • I forget to tell you the link was sponsored.
  • I have to pay a $70 fine, but I made $15 so that is only a $55 fine.

Yes, that would be disappointing. The ratio of fine to money earned is where the “disappointment” is.


The real question is; am I really going to hurt paying a $70 fine? (assuming I have a net worth of 100K.)


Probably not.


This isn’t a news story. This wasn’t a punishment. The media gave attention to the company and Ms. Kardashian, making those 2 entities; the ones that still come out ahead with public exposure; and the media outlet gets advertising revenue because everyone is rushing to read what any of the “car dash ian’s” are doing.


Being super obvious – the above are links to a product for purchase, that I created. Please visit so I can afford a burrito!

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