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OK so it seems every expert feels a need, to discuss at length, “what will be remembered about Trump’s legacy?” and while I have a hard time choking down the word “legacy” in association with anything he has done here we are asking this question.

Now, I do not think I am in any way an expert, but just for shits and giggles, let me throw this out there.

If the text books are written properly, in enough countries, the world will look back at us, much like we looked at those in Europe prior to Nazi Germany.

And of course those students, sitting in their high school; history, or social studies class, on a sunny Friday afternoon, wishing they were somewhere else right now, are going to be shaking their heads in bewilderment. At us, just like we did 1930s Europe. And they will ask, hopefully, the same questions we did, about how this could happen.

What we need to hope for, rather what we need to work toward, is that in this future when those students are in high school learning about these past 4 years, the only way we as a race will avoid repeating history yet again, when those students are in their middle-ish ages, is to have planted the seeds of curiosity in them very young and built an infrastructure that will nurture and feed that curiosity with education and resources.

Because, what we want is to have far less of those students glazed over, asking themselves, “when am I ever gonna need to know this stuff?” like we did when, yup you guessed it, we were looking back at 1930s Europe.

I was hoping 2020 would be the year we would put the anecdote “hindsight is 20/20” into practise and it seems we had further to go before we could turn around and start climbing out of the hole we’ve been dug into. Instead, we now have the year 2020 to use as a beacon of what NOT to repeat and that will be our 20/20 vision.

The legacy is not Trump’s to be taken or named. The legacy is OURS as humanity and the legacy will be how we rise up to make change by;

  1. Stop doing what we have been doing that isn’t working.
  2. Repair the damage we have caused by doing what has not been working.
  3. Find a practice that will work.
  4. Put that practice into play and normalize it.

He is just one selfish abhorrent man, we are a species. We are bigger than he has been or ever will be.

Oh, and one other thing I just want to add in closing; this is a little message to all those whining insurrectionists and Republicans that were complicit or aided in any way, shape or form, that want to appeal for healing, we can all start healing when your traitorous asses are in jail.

Tots & pears!

Make it a great day for yourself; enjoy the Inauguration on TV and continue to stay home and stay safe.


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