Welcome to HOWZURHED – A chat with TURNIPHED. A discussion or chat about what is going on in TURNIPHED’S ‘hed’. This is a new combination of a few “projects” (THE POOL IS CLOSED) I have had over the years at TURNIP STYLE. You will find written pieces here of course, follow #howzurhed on the SOCIALS and when it comes back you will be able to enjoy HOWZURHED segments in the upcoming podcast.

Let’s jump in shall we?

Doesn’t it just give you the shits, errr I mean the giggles, when you are watching Legally Blond 2, released in 2003, during COVID-19 PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN 2020, and you hear the following line.



We all know that it is easy to take words of yesteryear and apply an understanding to the reference or meaning that suits us. You can see that I chose to do that with the graphic used in the SNAP SHOT both here and on the SOCIALS.

But let’s just put that aside for a moment; there is a strong message in that speech regardless of the focus. During that scene, Elle Woods is addressing this House of Representatives (I think?) and she gives a speech with the above quoted passage, which is sage advice for almost any advocacy.

She speaks of getting a “freak by chance” appointment at the fanciest pretty-beauty-salon there is. As she is there, taken in by all the wonder and splendor of her surroundings, Elle fails to realize what is being done to her hair. Wrong products, colour and cut.

Yet, bamboozled by the glitz and glamour (LOOK OVER THERE!) she leaves with out saying a word.

I just let you take from that what you will.


There are 3 things I have taken to heart and I try and focus on. 3 things that I am trying to apply to my life.

  1. The only person you can always count on to speak up for you, is you.
  2. When you find others that are speaking the same message; make sure that you are directing your message effectively, in order to get the right response. (No point in complaining to your mechanic about your bad haircut. They won’t be able to fix it. And if they offer…RUN!)
  3. Start keeping the “when I grow up” promises that you made to yourself when you were a kid. (The reasonable ones! You still need to clean your room!)

Now, I am in no way making any comment about any of your Quarantine-Self-Barbering that you have been undertaking in the past weeks. In fact, I have been overjoyed seeing how many of you surprise yourself with what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Take care

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