I have another exciting song for you to check out!

You may remember when I mentioned the new remix of Venn Smyth’s BURN ME, way in the early days of Rona 2020.

A really brilliant remix by the talented Ben Howell, who become known after he released his remix of Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate and the BBC News Intro.

Click here to listen to THEY COME FOR YOU on your favourite streaming service.

they come for you - venn smyth - available on your favourite streaming service

They Come for You has a fun energetic bop-like 80s synth-pop feel to it. Very reminiscent of what this wee-gay-boy was listening to back in the early “turnip patch” days. The likes of; Erasure, Depeche Mode, Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue, Abba (of course).

Without fail I found the optimism, that seems symbiotic with Venn Smyth’s music. The kind of optimism that makes your bum want to wiggle.

Let us take a moment to recognise that the inspiration for, “They Come For You” was taken from the poem “First they came...”, written post World War 2 by Martin Niemöller.

A rather poignant and sombre reflection on times past and perhaps maybe a sad reflection on our performance today, thus far, as a society; many of us find ourselves standing and staring this paradigm dead in the face again.

Venn Smyth has a clear warmth to his voice that is not only alluring but may be just ever so slightly intoxicating and without fail I not only want to wiggle my butt while I listen, but I feel a sense of energy and hope combined with his message, that reminds myself to pause and focus on; what I am doing, what is happening around me and importantly, the people that are around me.

I am reminded of something really awesome that I read on Twitter this week; “It is our responsibility, when we are in the room, to look around and see who is missing.”

Perhaps, “They Come For You” is the reminder we need to be sure that, from this day forward, when we look around, that no one is missing and we are all in “the room” – together?

I am definitely looking forward to more!


Unashamedly pop with a strong message, Venn Smyth writes songs that dance around subjects and stories important to him.

These include identity, queerness, community and finding your voice. He currently lives in London and alongside writing and performing, teaches and works with young people, including leading LGBTQ+ youth music projects.

He grew up in rural Central Scotland and found himself captivated by music and words from an early age.

More interested in making up new tunes than learning the scales, he eventually knuckled down and went on to study Classical Music at Edinburgh Napier University, with saxophone and composition as his focus.

However, song writing always stuck, and he found further inspiration in the eclectic worlds of Rufus Wainwright, Prince, Laura Marling and Erasure to name but a few.

Having performed in various bands and releasing music under different guises over the years, this new work delivers a culmination of experience, introducing Venn Smyth at his most honest, playful and clear.


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