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A long time ago my mother shared a story with me, a valuable story for sure but as I have been thinking about it the last few days, I seem to find myself more puzzled as to her timing for sharing the story.


Nonetheless, I think it just might be a good time to share it with you; how you interpret the story is completely up to you.

There once was this little bird that got caught up in a very late summer. The weather was exceptionally warm and he was loving it. The only problem was that his friends, one by one at first and then more and more were all leaving each day to head south for the impending winter.


Not our little guy. Nope. He was gonna soak up this great sunshine, keep having fun with all the new friends he was making and maybe he would think about flying south and catching up with his old friends, for the winter…tomorrow.


Well a bunch of “tomorrows” happened and the next thing it was pretty darn chilly for our little feathered friend and he started to really panic thinking to himself, “wow, I better get a move on, it’s getting pretty cold here at night.”

So he gets a move on and starts flying.


However, he runs into a wee bit of a problem. It is really cold and ice is forming on his little wings and it is getting harder and harder to fly. Sadly, he just can’t do it any more; he is physically exhausted and he’s covered in ice. He may even have icicle snot hanging off his beak.


He falls to the earth.

He lands in a field next to some cows feeding around a big hay bale.


Laying there in the snow. Too cold to shiver.


Just as a our little buddy is thinking he is about to take his last breath….”goodbye cruel world” the cow that has been standing next to our little friend lifts her tail and takes a big old dump, snorts and walks away.


YES! You guessed it. To add insult to injury that heifer has SHIT right on our little warrior of a bird. (Well irresponsible party animal is more like it but lets not add insult to injury. It is bad enough one is about to die and then they are completely covered in fresh cow shit.)

But then something amazing happens. The bird notices that the pile of shit is warm and it is melting the snow and ice on his wings.


The icicle snot is gone and his muscles are starting to stop aching….and wait…..wait… yup, he can feel his toes again…this is GREAT!


“Well, how awesome is this…sure it’s a little stinky but I think I am gonna make it now” our little buddy thinks to himself. Automatically, being a bird and all, he started to sing a happy little tune, to say thank you! Thank you universe for having my back!


Picture it, there is our little bird, warming up in a sauna of cow shit, singing away. Just a little while longer and he could give himself a good stretch and a shake and limber up those muscles and be on his way.

One small problem. The farm cat was in the field too. Hunting mice and heard our little bird chirping away.


Being a keen hunter this farm cat honed in on the location of our little friend. Found him.


Pounced. Got him.



So what do we get to take away from all that? Well let’s look at it this way.


  1. Those that get you into shit may not always be your enemy.
  2. Those that get you out of shit may not always be your friend.
  3. If you are happy surrounded by shit, best to keep your mouth shut.

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Joel 30 November 2020 at 22:36:46

A story about a bird by mother. Well, it’s not a political answer. I think mediocrity is too well hidden.

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