It has been a while since I have sat down and written a review or shared any experiences with you. I may be a little rusty…

Made a reservation (online) for 15:30 at Hendrik’s, a gorgeous new restaurant in the Eaton Centre shopping centre in Toronto. Just south of Toronto’s iconic Dundas Square.

Upon arrival we were pushed/encouraged to instead move to the lounge for Happy Hour rather than sit in the dining room as we had reserved. 

We were shown the special seasonal happy hour menu and sat at our table, in the bar, with the special seasonal happy hour menu and told that the chef’s tacos on the special seasonal happy hour menu were fish tacos.

Picture it.

We are cozy, getting settled, people are zipping past the windows, there’s a happy buzz in the air, we are sitting next to other tables, having fun, drinks and they have these amazing nibbles, that have just received, after placing their order off the happy hour menu. (Happy Hour 15:00 to 18:00).

This is great…its going to be fun…

As we are waiting for our beverages, and to order off the happy hour menu, a manager comes over and takes away the happy hour menu and tells us there is no happy hour.

In fact the manager told us that corporate/head office took the items out of the computer and it was physically impossible for any items on the happy hour menu to be produced or entered into the system.

As I am asking a question, of the manager, to clarify, the manager just turns and walks away from me. With, a stack of probably 6 or 7 other happy hour menus that have been removed from other tables.

Our servers were amazing. They were caught off guard that there wasn’t a happy hour & that the menu had been taken away. It created an uncomfortable situation, for the servers and our time there.

The drinks were amazing. Thanks to our bartender.

The food was spot on…I actually enjoyed kale…thanks to the chefs & kitchen team. Our servers, prompt, friendly and personable….perfection.

The dinnerware is sexy and has personality too.

We did not stick around for coffee and dessert.

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