Since the legalization of “Cannabis in Canada”, without fail the media coverage has been all over the place; often, I think, leaving people more in a cloud of smoke (confused) than they were before they even started reading.

This past week the National Post released an article with the following headline;

Smoking a small amount of pot may boost sperm and testosterone, surprised researchers find

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Of course with the word SPERM in the title, this piggy (it’s the Year of the Pig so expect a lot of those this year) could not resist taking a look.

With the more we learn about Cannabis, are you?

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Of course my sperm count really isn’t important to me; I have ZERO interest in making babies. (Wait, I kind of liked trying with that handsome day-trader last fall). What does interest me is that we are now seeing science coming forward admitting;

[But] who knows — it may turn out that marijuana is actually positive for sperm production, and we’ve been getting the answer wrong

Dr. Jorge Chavarro

Just in the past few months the amount of pathetic dribble that has been flying around about POT and how dangerous it is and how society is going to degrade and the pits of hell will open up is getting tiring. Ya’ll sound like a bunch of idiots. Just think about that as you’re getting in your car after having a few with the team from the office…and you are heading home!

You can read the paper “Marijuana smoking and markers oftesticular function among men from a fertility centre” and here is a link to a British study in 2014.

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turnipHed 11 February 2019 at 21:25:14

What was that again about “stigma” versus actual damage that’s done?

Let’s talk about that drinking and driving…yet here we even have cops that can’t follow the rules. #justsaying

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