I was out for a walk earlier. Hated every minute of it; it got windy.


Blowing right in my face the entire way. I was squinting, just my luck the sun lined up just perfectly and the wind kept whipping in my face. Not a warm wind either.


Then I caught a whiff of a really pleasant fragrance.


It was familiarly unfamiliar. In that I mean, I could not say for certain what fragrance it was, or if I had smelled it before. But, there was something warm, inviting and comforting, about the smell, that made me want more.


Wind is still whipping right into my face, and just then a short gentleman, walking with dedication and purpose, bursts passes me, and suddenly my nose burns and my eyes sting.


I found the fragrance that I had been catching whiffs of. It was this gentleman that had been walking up from behind me.


Not only behind me but with the wind in my face. The cologne he was wearing was so powerful that it managed to fight against the wind, to waft up ahead and tease me.


I have to give the guy credit, he not only, dressed with style and distinction. He definitely, walked with dedication and purpose. It would seem he applied the same principle to his fragrances as well.


Spritz spritz!

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