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So you may think I have lost my marbles and I might argue that I didn’t have any in the first place, but either way I had a crazy idea and it turned into a fun, if not quirky, project.


The Nut Job –


Take a moment to enjoy the simple & maybe even slightly silly. We all have the time for it right now.

Handsome man with his shirt open working on his computer and holding a mug loose tie around his neck

The short story; one morning I finished off my jar of Nutella, but there was a lot of chocolate still stuck to the sides of the jar. However, due to the shape of the jar, it is not easy to clean out all the chocolate before dropping the jar in the recycling bin.


I mean, I really did not want to waste all that yummy chocolate by just washing it down the drain. As I was standing there, my coffee was sitting brewing in my french press, the light bulb went off. I poured some of that coffee in the Nutella jar, put the lid on and quickly swished it around.


I had to be quick, steam would build up, but I wanted to get ALL of the chocolate. (Be careful when opening it.) Once that was done, I just took the lid off (carefully) and swished the hot coffee around the bottom, getting all the chocolate hazelnut goodness to mix around well.


Poured it all into my mug, took a sip and that is when the trouble started.

Handsome man with his shirt open working on his computer and holding a mug loose tie around his neck

Clearly, I am not the first person to think of this and clearly, one of there reasons why we don’t recycle as much as we should at home, is because it is not easy.


Well this was easy, fun and DELICIOUS. So maybe, now, we have new motivation to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill and increase the amount of plastic to be recycled.


There is a lot more we can discuss about; recycling, environment, chocolate, coffee, hunky men in bed working on their laptops – but really here just wanted to give you the fun, quirky story behind The Nut Job, which was sparked in part by my earlier curiosity about our recycling habits with our bathroom products and the over-packaging we deal with there.


I will invite you to read the final recipe here (yes I tweaked it a bit) and feel free to keep your eyes open for the next 2 coffee drink recipes…which might not be appropriate for “morning” coffee.

What is The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin:


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