I was working at one of the major retailers that sold music when Delerium became popular, Semantic Spaces, with a more mainstream audience. I was a fan of Delerium’s older stuff which was darker, more industrial.

I actually had a “hook-up” ask me to turn it off once because it spooked him out and he was waiting for something to jump out from under the bed.

The vocals for Delerium, much like Dead Can Dance, are often deep, powerful, soothing and often emotional.

I think this song would make the best INTRO song on a playlist. Imagine putting this on, pouring yourself a whiskey, lighting some incense then picking out what you are going to wear to WOW the masses that evening when you hit the town!

Then slowly build the playlist up to wear you are wiggling your butt in the shower just like you were on the dance floor, but wait until you are drying off first!

Performed by: Delerium, Phildel
Written by: Bill Leeb, Craig Johnsen, J. Slingerland, Phildel Ng, Rhys Fulber.

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Joel 11 October 2020 at 08:56:56

Okay, I listened to the short audio clip of “Zero” then listened to it on YouTube and I can visual the scene as the music commences to a slower beat then progressed to a quicker tempo – making it to be somewhat of a good BPM for running or perhaps cycling. May I recommend this song to you … “O Destina” by Immediate Music.

turniphed 12 October 2020 at 08:22:37

I’ll add it to my list to listen too…. thx!

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