Creator & Editor in Chief, TURNIP STYLE

His Lordship the Reverend Doctor TURNIP HED brings his humour, passion & perspective to TURNIP STYLE from his experiences in life, work & travel, as well as an "Expert Homosexual" (never practising).

Pronouns may be flexible; He/him or They/Them. However, when His Lordship is feeling sassy; She/Her does work too. You can always call him; My lord, or TURNIP. That's what his friends do. Visit The Pool is Closed for more.




  • Remember Darling, You are the masterpiece. Don't just stand there. Model! xx, Essen Ehm. Drop by -…
    about 1 day ago
  • What he said.....👇
    about 2 days ago
  • Isn't this a felony sex crime?
    about 4 days ago
  • Me: Hey Google, BBC Minute Google Home: Playing Wisconsin public radio. Me: WTF?
    about 5 days ago
  • I think it's time for a competency exam. Just if you want to be in public period.
    about 1 week ago

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